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About the Company


Larky helps financial institutions, health insurers, and membership organizations engage in real-time with their audiences. We deliver relevant and compelling location-based discounts to their users through client-branded mobile and web platforms.

Larky is a great way to support local business, and appeal to tech-savvy consumers who love mobile apps and saving money. Our clients benefit from stronger loyalty and retention rates, greater wallet share and card swipes, and the ability to stand out from their competitors. Our clients include dozens of banks, credit unions, health insurers, and various other client-centric organizations.

State of Michigan
Gregg Hammerman

Gregg Hammerman

CEO and Co-Founder

Wakes up in the morning thinking about operations, technology, finance, and his awesome family (not in that order). Started playing hockey at nine and still plays like a nine-year old.

Evan Snyder

Evan Snyder

Genius Dev and VFA Fellow

Evan was hand-picked from the many geniuses at the VFA program. He finds reasons to say yes instead of no.

Davey Lego

Davey Lego

Chief Smarty-Pants

With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and proficiency in a wide array of programming languages, frameworks, and APIs, David is able to offer insight and inspiration drawing on both breadth of technologies and depth of understanding.

Jamie Reoch

Jamie Reoch

Merchant Relationship Manager

Maintains and manages partnerships with our merchants to ensure their satisfaction and success in each program.

James Burdine

James Burdine

VP Client Success

Delights in working with clients to create their Larky experience. Marketing and operations strategist that won’t stop talking about automation and productivity. Lucky dad to two amazing daughters.

Lindsey Exposito

Lindsey Exposito

Manager, Human Capital & Quality Assurance

Maintains many aspects of Larky data and quality assurance within the company. Outside of work, Lindsey stays very busy with her two athletic sons and enjoys a variety of activities with friends and family.

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What Our Clients Say

“Competition is fierce for our members’ wallet share. We knew that in order to gain and maintain top-of-wallet status with our membership, we needed to do something to build more loyalty in our credit and debit card products.”

Rebekah Monroe

Marketing Manager, Christian Financial Credit Union

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